These certainly are trying times to say the least. None like I've ever seen in my life time. Things are far from normal and I (like all of you) am trying to adjust. I have to admit it's been really hard for me not to see my friends at school on a daily basis and it's getting harder to stay in the house as the weather is starting to get nice. I've been doing a few things to keep my mind busy. Of course that includes countless Tik Tok video's - which were fun until my mom tried learn the Savage challenge 😳. I've also been in my lab mixing up new products and scents. I couldn't think of a better time for you to try some - since we're all stuck in the house - you might as well enjoy it by relaxing while soaking in the tub using some of my new Immune Defense Bath Soaks or Melodic Bath Bombs. Try burning a Kobi Co. candle while working from home to help get through the work day. Or to reward yourself for being able to explain a difficult (3rd grade) math problem. You deserve a break today!
Enjoy discounted Kobi Co. products as we deal with the global pandemic.
Peace & Love to you and your loved ones. - Love Kobi

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We're all spending a lot more time in the house than we'd like these days. Thought I'd use this time to create a new product thats near and dear to my heart. I mean who doesn't love enjoying relaxing tunes and a long hot bath?! Well if you're like me, you'll love your sacred bath time even more with my newly curated luxurious & melodic bath bomb product line. It has all the feels and sounds of Spring - I used real flowers, buds and organic oils and a little inspiration from my playlist - I'm mixing all the best elements of our new season for your pure enjoyment. So sit back relax, draw yourself a luxurious bath land drop a Kobi Co. luxury bomb and light a Kobi Co. luxury candle for a bit more flavor!

Here's my recommended top 5 "Spring Chill" bathtub mix:

Purple Rain - Prince

Kissed by a Rose - Seal

Easy Like Sunday Morning - The Commodores

Every Breath You Take - Sting

After the Storm - Kali Uchis (check out the new Kobi Co. candle scent)

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