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I along with the rest of the world was shook when I heard the news that Kobe and Gianna Bryant died in a tragic helicopter crash. It doubly hit close to home because I was named after Kobe and his daughter and I were pretty close in age. It made it even more clear that no one is invincible not even Kobe. In the days to come I started seeing the hash tag #GirlDad trend on social media. I had just started my candle company and was trying to think of different names for my candles that spoke to me, my personality and my experiences. #GirlDad seemed quit fitting for my newest fragrance profile. After all I like Gianna had a #GirlDad who meant the world to me, who loved and provided for me. Who guided me and even attempts to dance with me at the annual Father Daughter dance. So this candle is my homage, my shout out and my tribute to Kobe and all the amazing #GirlDad's out there just trying to understand your daughters and being there even when you don't.

(pictured above me and my #GirlDad Rennie Harris)

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