Might I suggest the perfect way to celebrate another rotation around the sun! Well it's a piece of cake! No matter how you like to celebrate birthday's my #HappyBirthday candle smells so delicious you might just want to eat it. Light the candle and warm scents of vanilla, burnt sugar and cake batter will remind you of just how special this day is.


Comes with gift box, candle, bath bomb, matches and birthday card.


Mood Maker:

Light your #HappyBirthday candle and press play for my favorite birthday songs

1.) Happy Birthday -Stevie Wonder

2.) Say aah - Trey Songz

3.) Celebrate - Cool & The Gang

4.)Rachet Happy Birthday - Drake

5.) Celebrate - Anderson .Paak


Places I had the most fun celebrating my birthday:

1.) Chucky Cheese's

2.) Roller Garden

3.) Cheesecake Factory

4.) Como Zoo

5.) Home



Return policy: No returns

My small batch hand poured candles are crafted using non-toxic, environmentally friendly premium soy based wax so they burn cleaner and longer. My 9 oz. candles burn for 50-60 hours with zero petro soot.

Candle Care:
Your clean burning, true-to-scent, and long-lasting premium soy candle was hand-poured with love. Please follow these instructions each time you use your candle for a safe and fragrant burn.

• Never leave candle unattended
• Trim wick ¼ each time candle is lit
• Burn candle between 1 and 4 hours at a time
• Keep away from drafts

#HappyBirthday Gift Set (9 oz. candle, Bath Bomb, Matches + Card)