In our short time in business, we’ve met so many incredible people. From customers to social media friends, and even booth neighbors at our events. Lights like you are constantly reinforcing our belief in the laws of attraction.⁠

But this summer, we lost one of those incredible lights, Erika De Salvatore.⁠

Not only was Erika a senior member of the pro bono Target Corp. team that supported us in our rebrand, she was a true (and official) Kobi Co. enthusiast!⁠

To say that she was a vital part of our success thus far would be an absolute understatement.⁠

Erika wholeheartedly supported our mission, so much that her family requested that loved ones support Kobi Co. in lieu of sending flowers.⁠

A generous and selfless sentiment we will never forget.⁠
More than a candle, Angel Essence is our way of remembering Erika. We hope this candle will help you keep cherished times with friends and family who are no longer Earth side top of mind, always. ⁠

Light this one with intention. ❤️⁠