How To Access Playlist

Congratulations on purchasing your Kobi Co. candle! To complete the vibe, access your curated playlist in 3 simple steps.

Locate The Soundbar

It’s right at the bottom of the label on the outside of your candle. Can’t miss it. 😊

Open Spotify App On Your Phone

Open the Spotify app on your mobile device and click on the Search Icon in the bottom menu (it looks like a magnifying glass). From the search menu, find the camera icon in the top right-hand corner. Click on this camera.

Scan The Sound Bar

Once you click the camera icon in Spotify you will see a box appear on the screen. Hold your phone up to the sound bar (like a QR code). Your candle’s curated playlist will now appear in your Spotify app! Hit play and enjoy the vibes. 😎

Check Us Out on Spotify

Interested in listening to some of our curated playlists? Visit us here.