Paying It Forward

Each year, the ability to attend college becomes harder and harder for many Americans as college institutions continue to raise tuition rates and school fees. Many colleges and universities, despite their accolades, also struggle to maintain financial endowments due to budget cuts, loss of federal grants and low donation rates from alumni. Furthermore, the plight is even harder on BIPOC students who experience wider economic gaps when compared to their white counterparts. Although there has been some improvement, collectively black households struggle with lower rates of upward mobility, job discrimination, higher rates of incarceration and less access to quality education.

Kobi Co. would not have existed if it wasn’t for a young BIPOC woman’s dream and desire to attend college, thus, it would only be right that we continue to push that mission forward. We are fully committed to furthering the education of BIPOC women and contributing towards black excellence in our communities. Find out more about how you can support or benefit from this commitment below.

“I started Kobi Co. as a way to fund my college dreams. I wanted to find a way to support myself through college while promoting the importance of self-care and make it smell good. As I grow this business and continue to support myself, I want to use Kobi Co. as a means to uplift other Black women seeking an education in business. I’ve created a scholarship to help them along the way.”
Kobi, Founder of Kobi Co.

Kobi Co. Scholarship

For BIPOC Women

Each year, we offer a scholarship for BIPOC women. Because we believe that each person’s talents and educational journey can be unique, our scholarship can be used at an accredited college/university, a vocational/trade school or to cover the cost of online courses.

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Kobi Co. looks forward to supporting more young BIPOC women in their educational journies! Use the button below to donate any amount you choose to our scholarship fund to help us further our mission.

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