Our Story

Kobi Co. is a candle and wellness brand that creates luxury aromatherapy products to help busy people find more peace in their day. At Kobi Co. we believe candles and music combined are magical mood shifters that can quickly shift drained energy into relaxation and joy. Our soy candles are lovingly hand-poured and accompanied with a finely curated playlist to help you set an intentional vibe for whatever mood you are in.

Kobi Co. is a black-owned, woman-owned business based in Minneapolis that is also super passionate about helping young BIPOC women succeed. Every purchase helps to fund the education of a young BIPOC woman through our annual scholarships.

About The Founder

In early 2020, Kobi Gregory, a Minneapolis high schooler was like many of her peers: balancing homework, after school activities and a list of colleges that she hoped she would soon apply to. She desired to attend an HBCU tour to learn about some schools she had her eye on, but needed to raise money to pay for the trip. Before she could go on the tour, the coronavirus pandemic hit and put a pause on normal life and interrupted her school routine. Anxiety and demotivation quickly took hold, but her love of music and focus on self-care helped to get her through those tough times, and inspired her to begin making candles so she could promote the importance of self-care with the world. Although the flame for traveling briefly burnt out, Kobi’s passion for candle-making remained lit and eventually evolved into a budding business.

As a child, Kobi frequented the Electric Fetus, a record store, with her mother and would spend hours perusing the aisles learning about music. For Kobi, music is one of the foundational tools she turns to when she is need of a mood booster or a relaxing time. Reminiscing on her trips to this iconic store and the joy should would experience each time she went there, Kobi was inspired to start pairing her candles with playlists the she would spend hours crafting and curating herself for customers to enjoy. Her goal was simple: to spread the infectious mood that scents, sight and sounds had brought to her for so many years.

Kobi, who eventually graduated from DeLasalle High School, and her mother Tasha Harris are now the co-owners of Kobi Co., a candle and wellness brand that is dedicated to helping people take better care of themselves and share the practice of self-care with others. As a driven and busy young adult managing a business, Kobi believes that self-care has the ability to truly transform lives and help more women find daily calm in a hectic world. She looks forward to sharing more of her love and light with others — one candle at a time.

Brand Promise

We promise to always keep your mood, mindset and self-care rituals top of mind. In a world ridden with anxiety-inducing stressors, there is nothing more rewarding than to be able to find peace from within and to know that you have the power to set your mood with intention.  Thus, we will always strive to create products that aid in improving mental health. Our goal is to offer beautiful products with the safest ingredients that help you achieve the stage of ultimate relaxation. At Kobi Co. we believe self-care allows you to take care of others. We all win you when.