Spring Scents: The Best Ingredients to Invigorate Your Spring

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There's something special about the smell of springtime, and those seasonal scents are all around us. Almost any place you go, you will encounter freshly mown grass, pungent herbs, rich earth, and an explosion of color and fragrances from fresh flowers in full bloom. Wouldn't it be great if you could capture all those fragrances in a bottle without ever having to leave your home?


We’re one step closer to getting you there with our all natural ingredients. We use essential oils which are extracted from the petals of all those flowers, plus your favorite fragrant leaves and fruit peels. We know that the most appealing herbs and flowers are those which typically have the strongest scents, and many of those can invigorate the senses as well, for instance gardenia, lavender, citrus, and eucalyptus.


Here are some of the best ways to utilize Kobi Co’s wonderful scents to energize your spring routine and spruce up your household.


Ambient Room Sprays


Available in 5 different scents, our luxurious mists are made with the finest essential oils so you get a concentrated fragrance that livens up any room. Think of them as a room freshener, but infused with all that natural good stuff rather than the toxic chemical smells you find at the supermarket. Whether you lean towards more floral or woodier scents, there is a mist to suit your tastes here, and you can also find your favorite Kobi Co. candle scents in a convenient sprayable form.


When you're deciding on your personal favorites, you should take into account the tone or the atmosphere of the room you'll be spraying. What will match the room’s purpose and, more so, what intention are you wanting to bring to that particular space in your home? When you get really creative, you'll have the option of doing some experimentation and mixing some of the essential oils, so as to come up with your own personal scent.


A spritz to your closet or your linen area is a good idea, and spraying a healthy dose on some of the mustier areas in your household can really help freshen things up. We also recommend using a hint of our mists when you're entertaining guests, so as to leave a favorable impression and to provide a pleasant atmosphere for your get-together. It’s great to have on hand in the bathroom as well for when friends or family are about.


Luxury Candles


Candles not only bring light to us in the winter months, but they also remind us of warmer times and sustain us through the winter, calling back to the ancestral fires that continued life on earth until present day. Although mesmerizing in any form, candles that utilize fragrances offer additional power, contributing to both the vibe of our space, and the energy therein.


There's nothing like a slow-burning candle to impart a sweet fragrance to any room it's used in. Most people burn candles so as to experience the terrific-smelling ingredients which have been included. With our candle range, you can find soothing yet revitalizing lavender, warm hints of cucumber, the floral notes of jasmine, and so much more.


If you like the smell of evergreen trees and bushes, check out our Minnesnowta scent. Drawing its inspiration from a Minnesota forest, this candle delivers energizing notes of balsam fir, pine and cedar trees, with prasiolite (green quartz) crystal embedded to help boost your mood. We recommend taking a moment to light this fresh scented candle when you get into your morning routine to get an aromatherapeutic pick-me-up, or even after dinner to banish those food smells.


Using Spring Scents


There really is a scent out there to energize everyone’s unique energy, it’s all about finding which ones work for you and really get those juices flowing. It’s important to take some time to touch base with yourself, and figure out what your needs are going into this new season, and what intentions you wish to set for yourself. New life and new promises are all around us, so don’t let this incredible season that brings positive changes slip through your fingers this year!


Some people consider spring such a special time of year that they try to preserve that special feeling all year round. One great way to do that is to capture the essence of spring in a scent or a candle, then spray or light up the candle whenever you need to be reminded of the unique quality of the season. It's a great way to keep the feeling alive, and carry that freshness to other times of the year.


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