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I recently graduated from DeLasalle High School In Minneapolis. I started Kobi Co. as a way to fund my college dreams. I wanted to find a way to pay for college tours and support myself through school while promoting the importance of self-care and make it smell good.  I quickly realized this was a viable business that I wanted to continue to grow. For me, candles are mood-makers like music. No matter the day you're having, a song can be the reset button you need to switch the energy, set the vibe, keep it moving or take a break. I wanted my products to do just that- empower you to take care of yourself and share your care for others. I strive to use my passIon for self-care to uplift myself, my community, and to make dope products. As I grow this business and continue to support myself, I also plan to  use Kobi Co. as a means to uplift other Black women seeking an education in business by creating a small scholarship to help them along the way.


Shout out to my mommager Tasha, who provides back office support and endless encouragement!