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Picture yourself diving deep into the rhythms of creation, grooving to the art of candle crafting. Our Candle Making Workshop is where you'll compose a one-of-a-kind candle, infused with your own signature fragrance, decked out with enchanting charms, and sparkling like your favorite vinyl on a Saturday night. For just $50 per person, this 90-minute jam session is your ticket to 60 minutes of pure creative soulfulness, harmonizing perfectly with your vibes.


For those in need of a soul-soothing escape, our Bath Salt Workshop is your sweet serenade. Craft your own custom bath salt blend, choosing fragrances and floral notes that sing to your senses. Priced at a groove-worthy $25 per person, this 30-minute melody is your invitation to unwind and compose bath salts that dance to your relaxation desires.
For a more electrifying experience, enter our Sugar Scrub Workshop. At a harmonious $30 per person, you'll be mixing up a unique body scrub, blending your favorite fragrances into a symphony of self-care. In just 45 minutes, immerse yourself in a luxurious self-expression that caters to your personal rhythm.
But that's not all. With Kobi Co., you get to curate your own playlist, setting the perfect ambiance for your exclusive experience. We're here to help you express your one-of-a-kind groove, and our bespoke workshops are the stage for your masterpieces.
Why settle for the same old self-care hits when you can create something truly extraordinary and tailored? Seize the moment and book your Luxury Bespoke Workshop experience with Kobi Co. today, stepping into the realm of the ultimate self-care symphony. Your journey of self-discovery and creativity is waiting in the wings, ready to take center stage.