#Mistletoe Luxury 3 in 1 Spray (2 OZ.) - Kobi Co.
#Mistletoe Luxury 3 in 1 Spray (2 OZ.) - Kobi Co.
#Mistletoe Luxury 3 in 1 Spray (2 OZ.)

#Mistletoe Luxury 3 in 1 Spray (2 OZ.)

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When the weather outside is frightful, cozy up around the wood-burning stove, light up our #Mistletoe candle, and get smoochin’ with your bae. Who even has actual mistletoe hanging around their house anymore, anyway? 

Kobi Co.’s favorite romantic winter spots: Minnehaha Falls, Stone Arch Bridge, horse drawn carriage ride on Nicollet Island. 

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Materials: We only use premium, plant-based fragrance oils.

Return Policy: We are not able to accept returns at this time. Contact us if you have any issues with your 3-in-1 sprays.

Fragrance: The heady scent of sweet ale, the sweet resin of balsam fir, with uplifting notes of citrus. 

Playlist Preview: The Christmas classics, including the entire Vince Guaraldi Trio Charlie Brown soundtrack, Mariah (you know the one) and a bunch of songs about mistletoe. ❤️

Add 2-3 sprays to your sheets, towels, sofa, or just mist the air for an instant vibe reset. Our plant-based fragrance oils are also safe for your skin. 😊